European Patent No. 1082197
          US Patent No. 6494436

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Fence Wire Tensioning Tool in use

FWTT on video


Simple one handed operation

This really innovative tool for stretching all types of fence wire is distributed by Draper Tools Ltd (Southampton) UK, and Ag-Mach (Victoria) in Australia.  It is  likely to be of particular interest to farmers, ranchers, stock breeders, cattlemen, fence contractors, foresters, smallholders, landscapers, local councils, parks departments, gardeners, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

View of fence tool used with vine wires

The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool is remarkably uncomplicated in its construction and has been designed for simplicity of use and ease of operation in situations where monkey pullers, come-alongs and bar stretchers, have up until now, been the only available and sometimes expensive solution to what is often a time consuming and difficult job. Working from post to post along the fence run, it will stretch plain, barbed and stock wire (field fence) up to 4mm in diameter and is particularly suitable for quick repairs or when an operator is working alone or in a restricted, sloping or uneven environment. Stock wires can be individually tensioned and tired fences can be tightened up easily and with total control over straining - so reducing the risk of breakage.

Even works on vine wires

This tool will so improve your productivity that you will wonder how you really ever managed without it.

The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool (Stock No 57547) is being distributed in the UK and EIRE by DRAPER TOOLS  Phone: +0044 (0) 23 8049 4333   Fax: +0044 (0) 23 8049 4201. and is available at your local DRAPER TOOL Stockist or on-line at (use stock No. 57547 to identify this tool or search the on-line catalogue database for FWTT). Go to the Sales Information page for more details, particularly if you live outside the UK.

The FWTT is priced at 42.44. + VAT ( 50) (even less in some stores and on-line) !

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