ool Specification

  • Attaches to and releases from the wire in one quick and easy movement.

  • Single handed holding operation leaves the other hand free to hammer in staples.

  • Works right or left handed - from either side of the post - above or below the wire.

  • Only two moving parts - no accessories to get lost.

  • Automatic adjustment to size and type of wire being stretched.

  • Ribbed pivoting foot provides a really positive grip against the post when levering.

  • Smooth jaws minimise damage to wire section and surface coating.

  • Narrow profile gives easy access through stock wire (field fence) and game fence.

  • Integral hook for hanging on wire to prevent tool loss in undergrowth.

  • Quality manufacture in high carbon steel to BS EN ISO 9002.


Ease and speed of use

  • Incredibly quick and easy to use.

  • Tremendous pulling power when stretching.

  • Grip and tension wire in one easy movement.

  • Improves operator productivity, particularly when working alone.

  • Ideal for contoured ground or difficult access in hedges and brush.

  • Pull stock or game wire easily around corners.

  • Work one post at a time if needed.

  • Erect temporary fences and make repairs in minutes.

  • Can be used with confidence by any user.


Concern for users Health and Safety

  • Completely safe in operation - no wide closing surfaces to nip or trap the fingers.

  • Wire tension controlled by operator - reducing the risk of snapping and recoil.

  • Wire gripping does not rely on the strength of the operator - so reducing fatigue.

  • No clamps or nuts to tighten, no handles to squeeze.

  • Nothing to jam, snag or kick back when releasing tension.

  • Tool weighs only 2.5Kg. - easy to carry and store.

  • Plastic handgrip for positive and comfortable control.

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