The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool

a simple yet amazingly effective tool that makes fencing easy

from the DRAPER EXPERT Range

This really innovative tool for stretching all types of fence wire has been distributed by Draper Tools Ltd  since the year 2000 – with over 100,000 units sold


It is likely to be of particular interest to farmers, fence contractors, foresters, smallholders, landscapers, 

local councils, parks departments, gardeners and homeowners

Simple one handed operation

The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool is remarkably uncomplicated in its construction and has been designed for simplicity of use and ease of operation. The speed with which you can grip and tighten wires effectively is unsurpassed.


Working from post to post along the fence run, it will stretch plain, barbed and stock wire (field fence) up to 4mm in diameter and is particularly suitable for quick repairs or when an operator is working alone.


Stock wires can be individually tensioned and tired fences can be tightened up easily and with total control over straining – so reducing the risk of breakage and injury.  Can be used right or left handed above or below the wire.

The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool works equally well on vine wires, fruit cage frames or straining posts to support leaning trees and bushes.

The tool has a handy hook so you can hang it on the wire when you stop for lunch.  Stops you losing it in the long grass as well.   Easy to store – just hang it on a nail in your  shed or barn.

The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool (Stock No 57547) is distributed by DRAPER TOOLS and is an exclusive DRAPER EXPERT product. It is available from all Draper TOOL stockists, on-line by many independent stockists as well as sellers on Ebay. Prices will vary and it is worthwhile searching on-line for the best price and shipping options. Please go to the sales page for more information.