Using the tool

The sort of fence we would all like

Fencing is a lot like wallpapering – the long straight runs are relatively easy to do once you are set up for it and for those easy to get at places it doesn’t really matter what sort of puller you use.  We would all like fencing runs like that seen in the field above.  If you are a small holder or just want to keep your dogs in the garden or yard,  this tool will pay for itself in no time.  You will have a professional looking fence without having to pay a contractor.

Going around corners can be difficult

If you have ever tried to pull stock wire (field fence) around awkward corners or up and over a rise, you will know how difficult it is to stretch it evenly.  With this tool you can stretch each wire in turn, quickly and easily and the problem of gathering the excess at the top and bottom is minimised.  You can work one post at a time, pulling each panel really tight as you go along – even put a different tension on each wire according to the situation. 

Short runs and finishing off

With the Fence Wire Tensioning Tool it is a really easy job to tighten those difficult short runs that you might need next to gate posts and stiles – but which are too narrow to attach and use a normal puller. They always seem to be left a bit slack – but with this tool you can easily put enough tension on the short section so that any leaning gateposts are given a bit of help as well. 

How many animals got through this gap ?

What about emergencies.  It’s late at night and you are called out in a storm to repair a fence which has been demolished by a tree.  You need to work quickly if there are animals all over the road.  Easiest thing is to put up some temporary stock fence until you can repair properly in daylight. What you don’t need is a struggle with a wire stretcher that is heavy, awkward to use and needs three pairs of hands to operate while you are sliding around in the mud in the dark !  The Fence Wire Tensioning Tool helps you to work quickly and gets you back home sooner.

We have all got one like this !

Fences are always going to need repairing at some time or another.  What about those tired fences – we’ve all got a few that need the slack taking up before we get around to laying a new fence – or paying someone else to do it.  Question is – how much tension can you put on those rusty old wires before they break and threaten your safety.  With the Fence Wire Tensioning Tool you are in complete control and you can put as much or as little tension on the wire as you like – pulling individual wires tight as you go along. It really couldn’t be easier.

I am confident that you will be amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of this tool and how much time it will save you in repairs and maintenance alone.

We don’t sell the FWTT directly but DRAPER have hundreds of dealers in many countries who will be able to supply over the counter or with on-line sales.  

Can you really afford to be without one any longer ?