How it works

The unique pivoting foot of the Fence Wire Tensioning Tool is the feature which sets it apart from other similar wire stretchers. The harder you pull on the wire, the greater is the force applied the post, thereby eliminating any tendency for the foot to slide. This gives the operator greater control and reduces the overall effort needed to tension wires.

Locate the wire position on the fence post by loose tacking with a staple.  Pull the wire tight by hand to take up any slack and pull barbs through as necessary.

Place the pivoting foot of the tool against the  post with the wire lying between the jaws.  Adjust the gripping position to exert maximum leverage as required.

Move the handle to close the jaws on the wire. This can be done one handed while taking up any slack on the wire with the other hand.

With the jaws closed and gripping the wire – continue to lever the tool against the fence post in order to stretch the wire to the desired tension.


Pass the handle between hands while maintaining tension on the wire then hammer in the staple to secure the wire to the fence post.

You release the tension on the wire by simply moving the handle backwards after securing the staple. A spring mechanism assists in opening the jaws so there is no kick back, jamming or anything to unclamp.